Elite Crafts & Products Limited

Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers of Premium Quality Crafts


YKK Zips - Dress sizes 10cm to 55cm (54 shades), invisible, jean, open end, overall, trouser and made to measure

John James - Sewing and machine needles

Elastic - Swingsell, boarded, pancake and by the reel

Pony - Knitting needles 30 and 35 cm and Accessories - cable needles, stitch holders, row counters and knitting gauges

Tapestry, machine, knitters, threaders

Embroidery, cotton darners, milliners, long darners, leather

Household assorted, beading, sharps, easy thread, quilting

Swing sell



Knitting needles

Bias binding - 10 and 25 mm (swingsell and by the roll).  Approx 34 shades in both sizes.

Coats Drima - 5000 m overlocking thread

Paris binding - 40 m boarded

Berisfords - double sided satin ribbon - various sizes and colours


Menders (flame, green, fatigue, worn denim, blue denim, Khaki, seal brown), Sophie tapestries

Zip foot, thimbles, tracing wheel, sewing gauge, fashion snaps 

Dress shields, fuse and fold, fabric stabiliser, applique mat, pocket repairs, strap retainers, bra extenders

Newey - Diadem brass pins, metallic thread, velcro dots and strips