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DIAMOND DOTZ®         



The process of picking up the DIAMOND DOTZ® and placing them onto the chart is easy, relaxing and quick, making it possible to complete even a large project in a matter of days (if you are really keen) and the results speak for themselves.  Projects for all ages. 


DDS.002F Butterfly Sparkle Kit with Frame
DDS.018F Fido Kit with Frame

DDS.007F Patchwork Heart Kit with Frame
DDS.019F Green Eye Sparkle Kit with Frame

DDS.008F Lady Luck Kit with Frame

DDS.009F Smiling Groove Kit with Frame

DDS.013F Up Up & Away Kit with Frame

DD1.001F Dove of Peace with Frame

DD1.003F White on Blue Kit with Frame

DD1.010F Kool Kat Kit with Frame

DD1.028F Sea Star

DD1.043F Uni Prayer Kit with Frame

DD.49298 Unicorn

DD.49385 Rainy Day

DD.49388 Flower Bouquet

DTZ10001 Variety (6 projects) Pink

DTZ10002 Variety (6 projects) Blue

DD2.021 Red bauble picture

DD2.023 Xmas penguin picture

DD2.025 Poinsettia picture

DD2.028 Xmas reindeer picture

DD2.029 Santa Clause sack picture

DD2.034 Snowman cap picture

DD2.036 Xmas tree picture

DD2.037 Xmas tree picture

DD3.011 Santa & Teddies

DD3.12 Xmas Pup & Mouse

DD3.013 Xmas kitten glow

DD3.014 Snow family

DD3.016 Puppy stocking

DD3.017 Snug Xmas kitty

DD3.022 Sweet Swimmer

DD3.025 U Baby

DD3.026 Love Rainbow

DD3.030 Blossom

DD3.031 Daisy

DD3.033 Magic Rainbow

DD3.034 Music fills my Heart

DD5.001 Midnight cat

DD5.002 Red Rose Sparkle

DD5.006 Kitten in the snow

DD5.013 Snow dance

DD5.014 Flutter by blue

DD5.015 Flutter by pink

DD5.016 Flutter by gold

DD5.017 Flutter by mauve

DD5.021 Flutter by white

DD5.022 Flutter by Earth

DD5.030 Aero Bear

DD5.049 I Love My Dog

DD5.057 Ballet Bear

DD5.059 Eye Spy Kitty

DD5.060 Princess

DD5.067 Lets Play

DD5.071 Faith

DD5.072 Hope

DD5.073 Charity

DD6.008 Yellow Rose Bouquet

DD6.029 Green Eyed Beauty

DD6.030 Four Seasons Sparkle

DD7.032 Fishy Kissy

DD7.045 Koi Portrait

DD7.051 Seaside Days

DD8.001 Bengal Magic

DD8.002 Oranging Around

DD8.003 Kaleidoscope Walk

DD8.005 Rainbow Zebras

DD8.011 Brogla Dance

DD8.016 White Magic

DD8.017 Tall Tender

DD9.033 Fern Fox

DD9.042 Polar Dude

DD9.044 Hang-In-There

DD9.045 Mother On Guard

DD9.050 Tropical Magic

DD9.053 Mr & Mrs Pink

DD9.054 Sweet Racoons

DD9.055 African Sky

DD9.056 Fjord Travel

DD9.060 Crystal Garden

DD10.012 Midnight Stallion

DD10.013 Poppy Fields

DD10.015 Autumn pumpkin rose sparkle

DD10.016 Autumn pumpkin amber sparkle

DD10.022 Lady in Black

DD10.023 Hazy Daze Sunflowers

DD10.025 Rainbow Parrots

DD10.026 Imperial Stallion

DD10.031 Moonlight flight

DD10.035 Kitty Basket

DD10.039 Two Sisters on the Terrace apres Renior

DD10.042 Guitar Icon

DD10.045 Graceful Landing

DD10.046 Romantic Bouquet

DD12.010 Winter Village

DD12.017 Father snow

DD12.028 Mystic Wolf

DD12.029 Seascape at St Maries Van Gogh

DD12.031 Galah Quartet

DD12.032 Princess Magic

DD12.033 My Little Friends

DD12.37 Bath Time Mermaid

DD12.038 Wind Moon

DD12.046 Magnolias on Gold Velvet apres M J Heade

DD12.047 Winter Wolves

DD12.048 Poppy Fields apres Monet

DD12.050 Winter Rose Fairy

DD12.051 Sunset Jetty

DD12.053 Sea Horses

DD12.054 Christmas Night

DD13.001 The kiss

DD13.012 Blue peacock

DD13.015 Les vins desChampagne

DD13.020 Santa's cuppa

DD13.021 Flower Puss

DD13.026 Tiger Smooch

DD14.004 Pongour Waterfall

DD15.014 Dragon Princess

DD15.016 Oh Christmas Tree

DD15.017 Woman in Gold

DD15.019 Spring Sparkle

DD15.020 Winter Wonderland

DD15.021 Dragon Flame

DD18.001 Coral Reef Island

Decorate Pillows

(44 x 44cm)

Great for sun rooms, family rooms, bedrooms

DD16.005 Papillon Mauve (pillow)
DD16.006 Papillon Bleu (pillow)

DD16.009 Sparkle Garden Blue (pillow)
DD16.010 Sparkle Garden Pink (pillow)

DD16.013 Magnolias on blue 1
DD16.014 Magnolias on blue 2

Mini Pillows 

(18 x 18cm)

Great for kids bedrooms, storage for socks, soft toys, pillow for your pets!

DDP2.041 Kitty Glow (mini pillow) (glows in the dark)
DDP2.018 Christmas Angel (mini pillow)
DDP2.020 Blue bauble (mini pillow)

DDP2.043 Pearl Swimmer (mini pillow)
DDP2.023 Xmas penguin (mini pillow)
DDP2.021 Red bauble (mini pillow)

DDP2.044 Flower Crown (mini pillow)
DDP2.025 Poinsettia (mini pillow)
DDP2.026 Xmas gifts (mini pillow)

DDP2.028 Xmas reindeer (mini pillow)
DDP2.033 Snowman top hat (mini pillow)
DDP2.034 Snowman cap (mini pillow)

DDP2.036 Xmas tree (mini pillow)
DDP2.037 Xmas wreath (mini pillow)

DDS.004 Bliss Bud

DDS.009 Smiling groove

DDS.013 Up up and away

DDS.014 Texas bloom

DDS.019 Green eye sparkle

DDS.022 Night glider

DDS.021 Autumn dream

DDS.023 Itsy bitsy

DDS.025 Autumn mandala

DDS.026 Autumn mandala

DDS.027 Patchwork 1

DDS.028 Patchwork 2

DDS.029 Flower mandala

DD30.001 Animal prints (bracelets)

DD30.004 Lucky Lucky (bracelets)

DD30.005 Pets (bracelets)

DD40.001 Posh (stickers)

DD40.002 Classic (stickers)

DD40.003 Lucky (stickers)

DD40.004 Smile (stickers)

DD50.001 Posh (magnets)

DD50.002 Classic (magnets)

DD50.003 Lucky (magnets)

DD50.004 Smile (magnets)

DD50.005 Fur (magnets)


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DD5.074 Sounds of the Sea