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John James Needles - Comprehensive Range now Available

JJ.10300 Household assorted

JJ.10503 Beading 10/13

JJ.11039 Sharps 3/9

JJ.11050 Sharps 5/10

JJ.11448 Easy threading

JJ.12039 Quilting betweens 3/9

JJ.12050 Quilting betweens 5/10

JJ.13507 Embroidery crewel 7

JJ.13508 Embroidery crewel 8

JJ.13509 Embroidery crewel 9

JJ.13510 Embroidery crewel 10

JJ.13539 Embroidery crewel 3/9


JJ.13550 Embroidery crewel 5/10

JJ.14515 Short darner 1/5

JJ.14539 Short darner 3/9

JJ.14548 Yarn darner 14/18

JJ.15039 Milliners straw 3/9

JJ.15050 Milliners straw 5/10


JJ.16515 Long darners 1/5

JJ.16539 Long darners 3/9

JJ.10837 Leather Glovers needle 3/7

JJ.18884 Chenille needle 18/24

JJ.19816 Tapestry 16

JJ.19818 Tapestry 18

JJ.19820 Tapestry 20

JJ.19822 Tapestry 22

JJ.19824 Tapestry 24

JJ.19826 Tapestry 26

JJ.19828 Tapestry 28

JJ.19846 Tapestry 24/26


JJ.19884 Tapestry 18/24

JJ.34011 Regular machine 1/80

JJ.34014 Regular machine 14/90

JJ.34016 Regular machine 16/100

JJ.36N14 Regular machine assorted

JJ.36N14 B/P machine needles assorted

JJ.60200 Household repair 5 pk

JJ.60900 Bodkin Set

JJ.80000 Needle compact


YKK dress


Jean, trouser

Open end, overall

And made to measure

Elastic - Swing sell

Elastic - Boarded

Knitting Accessories

Knitting needles

Bias binding